Knee Pain

It is a common affliction that can be caused by various conditions and injuries. Surgery is often recommended as a last-resort solution to managing chronic or severe pain, depending on the damage, or underlying medical condition. However, there are several other steps available for dealing with knee pain without opting for surgery, including physical therapy sessions, and regularly exercising to strengthen muscles surrounding the knee joint, which can provide lasting relief. Over-the-counter medications can also help minimize discomfort and swelling from more minor conditions. In addition, resting the injured area can help speed up recovery time and provide short-term pain relief. When it comes to finding knee pain relief, there is an array of options available to sufferers of all ages. Knee pain can be very disabling and interfere with daily life.

Not only is a visit to Oak Tree Orthopedic the first step that can help to reduce your pain, but also it puts you on a path to improved mobility, strength, and quality of life. Using updated orthopedic techniques and advanced diagnostic imaging, we have been able to offer successful outcomes such as reduction of pain and potential even rehabilitation after surgery. Our orthopedic specialist is an expert in restoring knee function so that you’re able to engage in regular activities. We take a personalized approach to diagnosing and treating knee issues to help return your body back to its natural form and improve your health overall.

All in all, Oak Tree Orthopedics is committed to helping those affected find comfort in a safe and reliable practice. We stand by the belief that our patients should not suffer any longer than they need to, so reach out if you’re feeling discomfort or pain when moving your knee joints.

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